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Anecdotes of a Detective

If you belong to a club or society that would enjoy a fascinating look at the ups and downs, ins and outs of being a Genealogy Detective then why not book Jackie to come a long and give her entertaining talk.

Jackie's Presentation is entitled Anecdotes of a Genealogy Detective.








Sample Commissions

My husband's 50th birthday is on the horizon and I would like a  special gift for him. We can draw up a tree which could either be framed for the whole world to see or produced as a booklet to be privately enjoyed.

I would like to explore my family history but do not have the IT skills to do this on my own. Jackie can work with you on a 1:1 basis so that you can share in the exciting discoveries.

I have been contacted by a relative  from America who thinks we may be  related. We could draw up your tree & cross map it to your potential relative. You could uncover a whole new family.


Special Offers







How do Commisions work?



Commissions vary as much as people. Jackie is happy to discuss your ideas and make suggestions as to what can be produced for you. This initial discussion is without fee or obligation. 


Once agreed, fees for commissions start at £50


Genealogy & Family Tree Commissions


Would you like to give someone special an unusual gift in the form of their family tree? Perhaps you would like a family record to pass on to your children. You may wish to check out a family rumour or book an interesting & entertaining talk for your club or society. Jackie looks forward to discussing your ideas,

phone her on 01329 833550 or email her at:


Free initial consultations for courses, commissions and all other services


With the names of only 2 relatives. Jackie created a 6 generation Family tree and a report including a fascinating insight into their lives. I enjoyed reading about great grandfather's globe trotting with the Royal Navy. The report was beautifully presented on  parchment.                                                                 Ronald Hall from Fareham 


Summer 2012 - Two for One Offer


Enjoy a day doing family history with a friend or relative - terms apply. 


  Tel:  01329 833550